Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Big Reveal... Sand and Sea Glass Quilt!

When it rains and pours (as it has been for the last few days) it is perfect for staying indoors and sewing!

I finished off a quilt top for my church's quilt group. 
Someone else had sewn most of the quilt top, but I finished it off.
It's a lap size quilt: 50-something" x 70'ish".
The quilt will be for someone dealing with cancer. 
Purdy, eh?!

The rain STOPPED!  
And the SUN came out!
... And I needed a pick-me-upper after getting off a dreaded night shift
(oh the joys of being a R.N.)

So... I hung my SAND AND SEA GLASS quilt on the wash line...

The Back
I used a few extra hourglass units on the back.  Left and right sides are from a few meters of fabric I found at Fabricland, the centre strip (which has old-style writing printed on it) I purchased at Traditional Pastimes.
My friend Dalene did an AMAZING job with a seashell pattern!
I just LOVE it!

Close up of borders and the blocks 

Some of the blocks

Some more blocks

HERE IT IS... THE BIG REVEAL...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

89" x 89"

EEEEEKK!!!  Don't you just love it!!!!  (And to think I wasn't too keen on it initially.)

Quilt started October 2011, completed May 2013.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting Some Work Done!!

I have plowed ahead and got lots of sewing done in the last few weeks!  Woohoo!

First of all, I finished this purple/pink/grey star & thus was able to finish the purple/pink/grey (design by Blue Patchwork Quilts) Quilt top!
(I want to use the leftover pinks and purples in a scrappy quilt... using my scrap fabrics.)

Not a vibrant-coloured photo but at least you can see the quilt top done.
Approx 61" square

I also finished the top for Heather Spence's Spring 2013 Mystery Quilt, and this quilt is called "Connect the dots"

Fabric is "Pieces of Hope" by Riley Blake - "inspired" by autism.

The finished quilt top: 74" x 57.5"

Binding done on a scrappy quilt.  I used scraps for this quilt, just a crib size, but I like the designs.

33" x 41"

Quilts in progress:
  • 2 more quilts to bind
  • 3 quilt tops to quilt (need backing for 2 out of the 3, and batting for all 3)
My very BIG EXCITING NEWS is that I have COMPLETED my "SAND AND SEA GLASS" QUILT.  Yup, I just finished the binding last night... but it is raining and it is a huge quilt so I have to wait for a nice day before being able to take a photo of it... I just LOVE this quilt!!!!!!!  
You'll just have to wait for good weather before I can post a pic!!