Monday, January 24, 2011

January Projects

Christmas is finished, and so is another year. Time for new projects & time to finish "old" projects.

I am enjoying the Layer Cake Quilt Along (LCQA) and this is Block #5 ("Rainbow Boxes"). Fabric is "Lollipops" by Sandy Gervais.

I call this my "scrappy crappy" quilt... I really don't like it that much, but it was a small quilt that I put together with some 5x5 squares that I got for cheap. It is now an at-home diaper changing pad for my son.

The back of the above quilt:

This was the first Sawtooth Star quilt block from the "Two Toonies" monthly quilt block from one of my local quilt shops: Freckles Quilt Shop. This was an extra block that I had purchased, so I finally made a pot holder or mug rug for this block.

The back of the Sawtooth Star pot holder / mug rug.

And this quilt... finally finished... for a very special person in my life: my Mom! It is my Mom's 65th birthday today, but I finished off this quilt last week then sent it by bus to BC - just on time for my Mom's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!! I love you!

These quilt blocks were from Moose Quilts website. Thanks, Konda, for posting these blocks.

From Left to Right:

Row 1: Rail Fence Block, Eight Pointed Star Block, Ohio Star Block

Row 2: Duck & Ducklings Block, Rocky Mountain Puzzle Block, Wild Goose Chase Block

Row 3: Star Flower Block, Jacob's Ladder Block, Bear Paws Block

Row 4: Jewel Box Block, Tennesse Block, Corn & Beans Block

Close up of the Daisy quilting done by "My Sewing Room" in Calgary. (I had only enough fabric for the blocks, and when I went back to the fabric store to buy fabric for the borders, there was no more of the same fabric, so I settled with this pale yellow. The block fabric has little daisies in it, and so does the border - thus the daisy quilting design as well.)

The back of the quilt. The blue fabric also had little flowers on it.

Another look at the daisy quilting on the back of the quilt.

The label on the quilt backing.

My January edition of Freckles' Two Toonies Sawtooth Star.

All 5 of my sawtooth stars thus far. This will be a scrappy quilt, so I'm excited to see how the colours unfold and how I will anticipate this quilt being put together.

Block 6 ("Pointing the Way") of the Layer Cake Quilt Along. Originally, the design was for the 3 points to have different widths but I didn't like the asymmetry, so I redesigned it, giving the 3 points the same symmetrical width, and I just love the final look!

The first 6 (out of 12) blocks for the Layer Cake Quilt Along - don't you just LOOOVE it!???!!

I'm thinking "brown" sashing. Any other thoughts????

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