Thursday, January 31, 2013

Belated Happy New Year 2013

Just before Christmas I had a few days in which I was really wanting to get some sewing done, so I sewed a few grey/pink/purple quilt blocks together.  I actually did 6 blocks but for some reason I only took pix of 2 of the blocks.  The blocks are different sizes ranging from 8" square to 24" square, and together will form a lovely large square quilt.  I am excited to one day finish this quilt, especially since some of the stars are so lovely.

We were visiting family in Saskatchewan at the time so I got to my instructions a few days later. 
Here's the "Odds and Ends" by Moda Fabrics Jelly Roll that I ordered for this quilt.

Here is part of the NYDMQA quilt top.
At this current time, I do have the quilt finished but I will take a photo once it is quilted b/c that will really do the quilt top justice.  Initially I wasn't too sure about this quilt colours, but I now LOVE the finished quilt top!  Y'all just have to wait for the big reveal!

Chelsey, one of the participants for Heather Spence's Spring 2013 Mystery Quilt Along made a request to all participants of this quilt along: sew "Cotton Reel" blocks in specific colours & mail them in, and Chelsey will set them in a large queen size quilt.  The Spring 2013 MQ proceeds go toward little Wyatt who is battling cancer in Washington state.  Chelsey is generously going to donate this large queen size quilt to Wyatt's parents, and Wyatt will be the recipient of Chelsey's Spring quilt.  

Here is December's "Freebie 15" which is the Vintage Plates BOM done through my local quilt shop.

"Hazel Atlas"
The Hazel-Atlas glass company was a large producer of machine molded glass containers.  The company was founded in 1902 in Washington Pennsylvania.  H.A. Glass started by making glass inserts that fit inside zinc lid closures for bottles, eventually they produced much of the depression glass.  The colonial-block style was a simple kitchenware set of items complimentary to dishes.  This collection did not have a plate... and if you find a black piece you are lucky indeed as they are rare.

January 2013 Vintage Plates "Freebie 15" Block of the Month

Veronique Egg Trays
The Indiana Glass Company made egg relish or Veronique Egg Trays from golden amber, amber, and the carnival glass from the 1970s through the 1990s.  The Indians Glass Company has a very elusive past... it started in 1896 when George Brady and James Beatty formed the Beatty-Brand Glass company.  By the early 1900s they merged nineteen different glass companies into National Glass, which by 1904 became the Indiane Glass Company.  In 1907 the Indiana Glass Company was sold to a group of men after National Glass failed.  It was then officially purchased and incorporated in 1907.  The company still operates today.

Part of the instructions read "this block will test your inset [Y-]seam skills, so don't get frustated."
Don't get frustrated????????
This quilt block definitely test my patience & skills!!
Not one of my inset seams is perfect, but the iron has a way of flattening all sorts of quilting sins... and hopefully the finished quilted quilt will hide even more!  Just do not look too closely!  :)
(These vintage plates blocks measure 16" x 16" each.)

And finally... here's a sneak peek at the next 2 quilts of mine that are done... just awaiting binding to be finished.  I have one more finished quilt-minus-the-binding at home, but I'l buy the binding the next time I'm at my local quilt shop as they have better colours and fabrics than the chain fabric store.

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