Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quilt Blocks

It seems as though I have not had a lot of time to get at the quilts, but I did forage ahead and get some sewing done.  It certainly is therapy to get behind the sewing machine and piece some more quilt top pieces together.

Last year's "Freebie 15" from the local quilt store was a "Sand and Sea Glass" theme.  I finally sewed the hour glass units together.  I think the pattern called for about 250 but I ended up with 238 hourglass units... 7 rows of 32 blocks & some extras.
Next, I did some quilt top calculations so I could purchase some more fabric and finish off the quilt top.
That is now on the To-Do List.

Yesterday I picked up this year's "Freebie 15" for the Vintage Plates series.  It is a nice easy block so I finished it off this morning.  
I only wish that they had given me more fabric for the centre so I could have cut the tree on-point, but I still like this pattern and the colours. 

Fire King Turquoise
Fire King Turquoise was produced from 1940-1970.  The Fire King line of dishes was made for daily use by Anchor Hawkings.  This was one of the first oven-proof dishes made; it was considered heat resistant.  The turquoise Fire King mug is the easiest to find as most of them have the Fire King marking.  The mug was in production until 1979.

Block measures 16 1/4" x 16 1/4"

Next items on the To-Do Lists:

  • finish binding on blue/beige Fall 2012 Mystery Quilt
  • sew on binding then hand-sew back of binding on Scrappy Star Quilt
  • take apart one section of New Year's Day Mystery Quilt, straighten, re-sew sections onto quilt
  • Take photos of finished quilts: Fat Quarters Quilt & Fall 2012 Mystery Quilt
  • Finish Sand & Sea Glass Quilt top, buy batting, sew backing
  • Finish one small crib quilt (already pinned together)
  • Sew more Heart shaped quilt blocks using leftover Sand & Sea Glass fabrics (I have about a dozen so far)
  • And... as always... try to utilize scraps
And then there are the digital photo albums & I'm about 4 years behind in those.  
So much to do, so little time.  

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