Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flooding and Waiting...

I live in Calgary and parts of our city are in a state of emergency: major flooding has affected the downtown (business) core and thousands of people have been displaced from their homes.

We are safe and dry, but my husband will be off work for a while, how long we do not yet know.  He works in the downtown core, and since there is 1) flooding, 2) power has been cut to that area, and 3) no transportation is allowed of available to the downtown core, he just might be on a bit of a vacation.  Unfortunately, he probably has to use up some of his vacation or discretionary time, but it is better than nothing.  

Worse case scenario: I work full-time and he stays home.  

At home, I have not been able to do much sewing: my sewing machine is in for repairs!!  :(
One of the ?gears? was starting to go and last weekend it started making a horrible screeching noise, so I packed it up quickly before I caused more damage to my electronic baby.  

So... what's a gal to do??

Cut fabric for  my "Plenty of Fish" mystery quilt... it's all ready, just needs sewing/ironing.
The lights are whites/creams.
Mediums are yellow/orange/pink.
Darks are blue/green/purple.
And best of all... most of the fabrics are from my stash - gotta love stash-bustin'!

I also pinned 2 quilts that I wanted to quilt on my machine.  These 2 quilts are for my nieces (special request) and the pic below is the backing for the 2 quilts.  
I was half-way quilting the bottom quilt when I had to pack up my machine.
(I sure hope my machine is salvageable!!)

I managed to get a book read, and I am ready to get another book started.  
I also have binding to finish on a small lap-size quilt, but I really have been procrastinating on that one, even though I love that quilt!

Once I pick up my machine in a few weeks, I have the 2 purple quilts to complete (& bind), 3 more quilts to finish up, do up a quilt block, fix up a few more "old" blocks, and start on my "POF - Plenty of Fish" quilt top.  


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  2. I regret what happened, wish everything back to usual soon. Hugs