Saturday, July 27, 2013

Busy, Busy!

My sewing machine was repaired and was away for TWO WHOLE Weeks!  Gasp!   Oh, how I was itching to do some quilting therapy again!!  Thus, I did a lot of sewing when I got my machine back!!

Today, I removed the "corners" of the May 2013 'Freebie 15' block.  The theme for this year's Freebie BOM is "Vintage Plates" and I felt that the block did not look like a plate... so now it does look more plate-ish.

June 2013 Vintage Plate (Freebie 15 series blocks)

"Royal Ruby Glass" Vintage Plate
Royal Ruby depression glass was made by the Anchor Hawking Glass Company.  Made between 1938 & 1960 the Royal Ruby name was patented so that only glass made by Anchor Hawking could use the name.  This glass was made for many years therefore a large variety of pieces are available at reasonable prices.  

This lovely purple/blue/mint green block is this month's Freebie block.  I didn't quite get the centre-points lined up, but I am not going to get fussed about that.  

"Doric Patterned Glass" Vintage Plate
The McKee brothers in 1896 manufactured the Doric pattern also known as crowfoot.  Another pattern referred to as fine cut & feathers is similar to the Doric pattern in that it has scallop shapes.  The fine cut and feathers are filled in with cross-hatching giving it the name fine cut.

I finished my Scrappy Stars quilt.  This is a sentimental quilt for me because 11 or the 12 stars were blocks of the month from Freckles Quilt Shop here in Calgary...and then they closed the store as the owner retired.  I LOVED that quilt shop!! 
I love the colours and vintage-ness of this quilt!!

I had a special request for 2 special little ladies: 2 of my nieces were in need of summer quilts and the colour request was purple.  I needed to get them made quickly so I made this fun but quick pattern.

I joined the "Plenty of Fish" quilt along (on-line) and so I dug into my fabric scrap stash.  What a great way to use up scraps!  I only had to purchase creams, some whites and a few greens.
While the sewing machine was in for repair, I cut, cut, cut fabrics for steps 1-9, and then I frantically sewed when I got the machine back.  Add Step 10 and here we are, although this photo does not show all the blocks; there are 30 star blocks, 20 of the other block plus 6 long strips.  I will have to wait until the next clue before I can start doing any more sewing for this quilt.

One website/blog I follow is The Quilting Gallery and Michelle who runs that site has started the "Aiming-for-Accuracy Quilt Along"... and another special little lady (niece) has requested a quilt with purple and green and teal so I dug into my stash and have put these 5 blocks together so far... and hopefully Miss K will like this quilt.
Block patterns come out weekly (I'll have to wait a week for Lesson 6) and the quilt top won't be done until mid-October... so perhaps it will be done for Christmas.

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