Saturday, September 7, 2013

August Crafts & Sewing Projects... and a Bit o' News

August was a busy month with crafts and sewing, and for some reason, I just haven't put photos onto this blog...until now... but with the downpour of rain outside, what better day to do that than today!  

I found this candy bouquet idea on Pinterest.
Inside the large canning jar are 2 slinkies with small Hot Wheels cars inside them, and jelly beans around/under/on top of the slinkies.
A big piece of foam on the jar mouth, poked with lollipops.
Gummy worms between the lollipops to make the present more boy'ish.
Tied with a ribbon & some boy-coloured balloons.
All set for a fun boy birthday gift.

I signed up for another fun Mystery Quilt by Heather Spence Designs.  
This MQ starts October 4.
Here is the fabric that I purchased for the MQ.
Oooh, ahhh, so exciting.

One of my nieces, Miss S., posing on the quilt she received from her quilty aunty. 

Sister J also received a quilt from me, same pattern but different colours.

My niece, Miss K, has requested a quilt in green, purple and teal.
Here are some of the blocks thus far (quilt still not finished) for the Aim for Accuracy Quilt Along.

My mother-in-law made these quilt blocks last year as part of her local quilt store's BOM.
MIL was involved in a car accident in January this year, and because of residual nerve/muscle damage, she is unable to complete this quilt, so she gave me fabric for the quilt top, backing and binding, and she asked me to complete the quilt for her.
Here is the finished quilt top.
Quilt is now at the quilter's for "sandwiching."

I recently participated in the Plenty of Fish quilt along, andI used up my scrap fabrics (although I did need to purchase whites/creams and greens).  Here is the finished quilt top - big enough for over a double bed.
This one is now also at the quilter's awaiting completion.

And Finally...
A New Baby Quilt.
Yup, I am preggers and Flutterbug is due January 8, 2014!!

We have no idea if this will be a boy or a girl, so I am sewing boy and girl blankets.
I couldn't find any girl blankets at one store I visited, but I did find this sorta-neutral, but probably-more-boy quilt top, and I added a light green chenille to the backing.
(Girl blankets yet to be purchased and sewn.)

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  1. Congratulations. My neighbour at work is expecting too, and her due date is very close to yours so I can imagine how you might be looking about now - fantastic. I suggest yellow and grey for your next baby quilt.