Thursday, November 21, 2013

At Long Last: An Update!

Wow, has it really been more than 2 months since I updated my blog?! 
Wherever does time go?

Here is what I have been up to...

I had my "Floating Stars" quilt quilted by my friend Dalene, and here is the finale, complete with binding.

Don't you just LOVE the pattern?

I finished the Aim for Accuracy Quilt top.  
Backing & batting purchased, now awaiting quilting.

This pattern is a small version of Heather Spence's "Dan's Climb" quilt

I added a brown chenille as the backing. 

I participated in Heather Spence's bi-annual mystery quilt, and this is the finished quilt top for the Fall 2013 Mystery Quilt.  It is called "Mum's the Word".  
Isn't it delightful?
The border looks like strawberries on this photo but it actually is flowers, and it is Moda fabrics that match quite closely to the jelly roll fabrics "Vin du Jour".
I will finish the backing next year.

We visited family in BC in October for Canadian Thanksgiving, and I took this quilt along so I could finish off the binding... and then leave it at my parents' place so they could pass it along to my niece, Miss B, who wanted this quilt.  

This "Plenty of Fish" quilt is huge!  

I love the stars & swirls pattern that Dalene did for this quilt!

So... with a baby on the way, I wanted to do some sewing... but a sewer I am NOT!!!!!
I botched up this fitted crib sheet.
Somehow I messed up the measurements then cut the corners of the fabric, realized my mistake, then had to add inserts (2, not 1 - duh!!) into the centre of the crib sheet.  
Ok, just fire me!  Fail!!
Thankfully, it is a busy pattern, and it isn't a main show piece, so hopefully baby will not be bothered by it.

I made a nursing pillow cover from the same Dr. Seuss black/white/red fabric.

I haven't finished my last block from Traditional Pastimes's "Vintage Plates" Freebie 15 series, so nothing to show for that one.

This year's theme for the Freebie 15 is Spice Bazaar.
It will be comprised of squares & rectangles.
Sounds easy, but a lot of the instructions are in 1/16" measurements - ugh.  
Here are the new Freebie 15 blocks: the Freebie (left - "Anise") and the companion (right - "Cinnamon") as well as 20 4-inch 4-squares.  
(Photo taken on iPhone, thus the lousy colour quality.)

Seven more weeks until baby's due date!!!

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