Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Quilt-top Complete

Tonight I finished my very first quilt-top! Oh, what a great feeling!

I did my share of mistakes along the way... some I had to undo & refix. Others will be left alone. Despite pin-basting the quilt together, I still managed to somehow cause an extra tuck to the backing - perhaps I'll fix it later?? And stitch-in-the-ditch???? Well, let's just say I defied the laws that suggest practicing first on some scrap fabric. I did my share of wobbly-stitch-in-ditch lines, but I think I have finally accomplished the real deal (stitch-in-the-ditch).

It was a great learning experience, and I am looking forward to doing many more quilts over the months & years ahead. I'll keep this quilt, and one day I'll look back at this "Winter Blue" quilt & realize how far I've come & how much I've learned.

Baby monitors: The essentials for quilting/sewing Moms to get their work done!!
My Kenmore walking foot has been good for me thus far...
Close-up of my quilt:
Quilt-top all done! Now I will have to do the trimming, then sew my label to the backing before adding the binding.

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  1. love Curtis's feet in the shot! What our husbands do for us that we can take a picture of our work. Quilt looks good! Glad you're enjoying this newfound hobby. I loved hearing you stay up dreaming of patterns... you know you're hooked when that starts. That's me when I get into scrapbooking.... I'll probably start those restless nights in the fall if I pick up my hobby again.