Friday, June 18, 2010

Mystery Quilt

Needleworks Fabrics here in Calgary is having a summer Mystery Quilt. It will be a 36" square quilt using 3 fabrics (for the quilt top). I have signed up with this Mystery Quilt. I don't yet know what it will look like (that's why it's a mystery).

After registering for this Mystery Quilt, I have accomplished:
Step 1 - selecting fabric

I wanted to do something unique for fabric colours. These are the 4 colours that I chose; the 2nd from the right on this photo below is the fabric that "grabbed" me & was my inspiration to choose the other colours. Incidently, it has a Japanese or Asian flair to it. I just love it.
The backing, "Wasabi" colour:
My main quilt top colour, called "Wasabi Lilac"
A 2nd quilt top fabric, called "Mauve"

The 3rd quilt top fabric called "Lauren"

Step 2 is cutting the fabric.
Steps 3-8 are finishing the various sections as per instructions. I will need to return to the store every 2 weeks to show them what I've done for the quilt before I will get the instructions for the next step.

Completion date will be September 18. On September 20, there will be a draw for a $75 gift certificate. Oh, I hope, I hope I win! (I NEVER win anything, so I won't count on it!)

I'll be posting pictures as the Mystery Quilt reveals itself!

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