Friday, June 18, 2010


My son has been feeling under the weather, so he's needing lots of cuddles. That means I'm not getting any sewing done, but that can wait.

Here's my first quilt awaiting more sewing (pin basting done).
My first attempt at a tote bag is also awaiting my sewing moments. The brown with white swirls will be the inside, the brown pattern/flower fabric will be the outside of the bag.
A closer look at the interior fabric for the tote bag. (I used this fabric to sew a skirt for myself about 2 years ago. Hint to self: find skirt - perhaps wear this year??)
Another look at the fabric for the outside of the tote bag. I had purchased this fabric in Africa (Cotonou, Benin, West Africa) a few years ago thinking I'd make a skirt, but since it was sitting in my fabric box, I obviously have not done anything with this lovely piece of fabric.
"Lick of Lime" Fat Quarter bundle:
"Parfait" Fat Quarter bundle:

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